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Audio Puzzle


(nearly impossible)

About this puzzle

This puzzle is pure audio. You don't have to look at your screen to solve it. You can even play it while holding your mobile device in the pocket. It is also great for ear-training.

Even though the idea is pretty simple, the puzzle is quite challenging. Or, perhaps, if you are a professional musician, you will not find it that hard...

How to play

You hear a melody fragment consisting of 3 measures of 3 quarters each (1-Octave), or 4 measures of 4 quarters each (2-Octave). There is one rest in the sequence.

You need to arrange the notes into an ascending scale with the rest in the end.

You can swap the note with the rest if it stands immediately before or after the rest in the same measure.

You can also swap the note with the rest if it stands in the same position as the rest in the previous or the next measure.

To move the eligible note, click when this note is playing.

Still sounds confusing? Check out the tutorial ...